Season to Soar: 3 Step Guide to Happiness How to be Happy 

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Chicago, USA

Accra, Ghana


Mentality is Reality

According to Marketwired…

  • Only 53% of the people in the world feel “Happy”
  • 33% feel neither happy nor unhappy
  • 13% are unhappy

If you are one of the many individuals who do not necessarily feel happy, then this article was written for you.

Happiness is a very real possibility for you and this article will discuss how you can achieve it.

If you are unhappy, then you likely have a valid reason. There are so many horrible things in this world that can affect people in negative ways. Accordingly, some of your past experiences and obstacles may contribute to your depression or unhappiness. While these factors are unfortunate and can seem impossible to overcome, they should not control your life or your mood.

Ultimately, YOU determine your sentiments and feelings. The key to happiness is mind control.

You do not control how other people treat you and you do not control the challenging situations that life may throw at you, but you do control your reaction to obstacles and negativity. You have full control over your mind, feelings and sentiments. Therefore, your happiness is your choice and your choice alone.

To begin being happy, acknowledge the power that you have over your mind and your happiness. Once you become aware of how much control you have over your own mind and your own happiness, then you can begin to experience it.

Use the power that you have over your mind to create positive thoughts, because your thoughts control your reality. Let me repeat that because it is very important. Your thoughts control your reality!


Step 1: Manage your Past

Being Happy As it Relates to the Past:  

Perhaps a bad experience that you were faced with in the past is contributing to your unhappiness. This is understandable, because we have all had our share of bad experiences. My father had an entire secret, second family that we didn’t know about until after he and my mother separated, I’ve contracted STD’s, my debt and student loans reached $80,000 at one point, I got scammed out of thousands of dollars while I was broke and pregnant, and I’ve lived in a home with concrete floors, molded, peeling walls and no furniture. (Attach image)

Those were just a few of the many undesirable situations that I have been in throughout the years, but despite it all, I have always been undeniably happy. Now, you may be thinking “those situations weren’t great, but they dont compare to your bad experiences” Your bad experiences may have been farrrr worse then mine and far worse than many other people’s. Unfortunately, life is not fair in this way. The advantage is that ultimately, it makes you stronger than most and it makes you more capable of overcoming challenges. You are resilient and you can overcome your past.

When you reflect on adverse experiences or situations that you encountered in the past, do not focus on the negative things that came from those experiences. Either completely remove thoughts of bad experiences from your mind, or begin to think of them in a positive context instead of a negative one.

You can put it in a positive context by trying to find the tiniest slither of goodness that may have come from the bad situation. Additionally, focus on the fact that there is no where to go from here except for upwards. Remind yourself that you survived the situation, so you are a stronger individual. Your survival proves that you have the ability to make it through challenges. Lastly, although the experience may have truly been horrible, there is always something worse. Instead of being sad about how bad it was, remind yourself that people experience worse and they are able to make it, so you can too.

Let Go

Although you will think about the past sometimes (and as stated above, you should try to think about it in the most positive context possible), do not harbor it. Don’t reflect on the past too often, because it already happened. No matter how much to think about it, it can not be changed. You have to make the decision to accept it and move forward. You have to remember that the past does not define you or your future.

You are not living in the past, so don’t let your mind live there either.


Step 2: Acknowledge Without Accepting

Being Happy in the Present:  

We have decided to let go of the past and live in the present, but what if the past isn’t the only thing contributing to our unhappiness? What if our present situation is causing our sorrow?

If you are currently in the mist of a situation that is contributing to your depression, mind control is also the key to happiness for you. You must think positively. Thinking positively does not mean that you have to lie to yourself, or pretend like your current situation is a good one. It is okay to acknowledge the issues that you have and to admit that a particular circumstance is undesirable. Actually, it is beneficial to recognize and admit that a bad situation is bad, because it will prevent you from being complacent within the situation.

Acknowledge that you are in an unpleasant situation, and avidly work toward getting out of it, but choose to be happy while you are working on this. Do not let the fact that you haven’t been able to overcome the situation yet control your mind or your happiness. Don’t let these challenging times or negativity consume your thoughts. Think about other more positive things. Think about the future and how you will make it through this circumstance. Think about the good things in your life.

You may think that you have experienced more bad in your life then good, but this is may be because you mainly focus and think about the bad. You have undoubtedly experienced at least some good things throughout your life, so focus on appreciating those things. Be appreciate and happy that you are living. You can breathe, you can create thoughts an you can experience the world around you. If nothing else, these are all positive things to be grateful for and to be happy about everyday.


Step 3: Be True to Yourself

Lasting Happiness

Lastly, do what YOU want to do. There are so many different people in the world, so it will be impossible to please everyone. No matter what, there will always be someone who does not approve of you. You can not live your life for them. You have to live your life for you.

Make the choices that you want to make, without placing to much importance on other people’s opinion about your decisions. Don’t let other’s rejections, judgment or disapproval interfere with or determine the way you live your life and don’t let it determine the way you feel about yourself.

For more information on how to obtain personal freedom and learn how to live without fearing other’s judgements and without judging yourself, look into the 4 agreements. By the way, Season to Soar has no connection with the author, or with this book. We are not receiving anything to promote it. It’s just a book that our organization genuinely thinks is worth reading, because it may help you.

If you believe that no one else’s opinion or expectations matter, then you don’t have to try to live up to the outside world’s “standards” or “expectations” and ultimately you can experience greater happiness.

Happiness is your choice.

It is your Season to Soar; Right Now is Your Time to Rise and Experience Happiness


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