Virtual Culture Exchange

Season to Soar has launched a virtual culture exchange program!

During the culture exchange, students from numerous schools in America had an opportunity to connect with students in Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa.

Globalization and the world economy is becoming increasing relevant in today’s society. While we are exchanging intellect, goods and culture intercontinentally, underprivileged children are being left behind. Children without resources are unable to experience and benefit from this exchange.

The purpose of virtual culture exchanges is to give disadvantaged children the rare opportunity to participate and claim a place within the global society. By connecting with students in other countries, they are able to gain global awareness, cultural tolerance and a basis for future opportunities to establish international connections in their personal and professional lives as they grow older.

The program has been conducted in numerous schools and has provided cultural exposure to hundreds of children. It was hosted for different age groups and covered a diverse range of both educational and recreational topics. Specifically, students were able to virtually play educational games together and discuss trends such as popular music, dances and food in their specific countries.



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